Kinases are enzymes that catalyze the transfer of phosphate groups from phosphate-donating molecules to substrates. This process is known as phosphorylation, where the substrate gains a phosphate group and the donating molecule loses a phosphate group.  Substrate acceptors may be small organic molecules such as glucose or macromolecules such as proteins, and the phosphorylated acceptor molecule may be more or less active than the non-phosphorylated form.  Kinases are widely involved in signal transduction pathways and control complex cellular functions.

Antimicrobial peptides
Cat No. Product Name Activity
AM-050 Melittin (synthetic) Haemolytic component of honey bee venom
Biotin labelled peptides
Cat No. Product Name Activity
KS-071 Crosstide, biotinylated Akt/PKB (protein kinase B) substrate 
BT-010 pFYN peptide Phosphorylated peptide substrate derived from FYN, a Src family kinase
Cell penetrating peptides
Cat No. Product Name Activity
PP-220 F1 Blocks the association of IKKbeta and NEMO
KS-230 MMI 0100 MAPK-activated protein kinase II inhibitor
AS-010 NT1–20 Blocks ASIC1a binding to RIPK1
KS-110 PKI (14-22) amide, myristoylated Cell permeable protein kinase A inhibitor
KS-200 st-Ht31 AKAP-PKA interaction inhibitor
KS-220 Tat-braftide Allosteric BRAF inhibitor
Cat No. Product Name Activity
PL-030 AtPep1 Plant elicitor peptide
KS-190 Autocamtide-2-related inhibitory peptide CaM kinase II inhibitor
PP-170 Caveolin-1 scaffolding domain peptide

The binding domain of caveolin-1

PL-020 elf18 Inducer of defence responses
KS-180 MLCK inhibitor peptide 18 Selective inhibitor of myosin light chain kinase
KS-210 MOTS-c AMPK activator
PL-010 PEP7 Endogenous ligand for the receptor kinase SIRK1
KS-060 PKA inhibitor (6-22) amide cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA) inhibitor
KS-050 PKI (5-24) cAMP-dependent protein kinase A (PKA) inhibitor
KS-120 R18  4.3.3 proteins antagonist
KS-170 ZIP Protein kinase Mζ inhibitor
Small molecules
Cat No. Product Name Activity
CV-040 Nelfinavir mesylate Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1 protease inhibitor
Substrate peptides
Cat No. Product Name Activity
KS-160 Abl substrate peptide Substrate for Abl kinase
KS-040 Akt substrate Substrate for Akt
KS-001 AMARA Peptide Substrate for all AMPK subfamily kinases
KS-070 Crosstide Akt/PKB (protein kinase B) substrate 
KS-080 EGF receptor (651-658) Protein kinase C (PKC) substrate
KS-081 EGF Receptor (651-658), myristoylated Protein kinase C (PKC) substrate, membrane permeant
KS-030 Kemptide cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA) substrate
KS-010 LRRKtide Leucine rich repeat kinase 2 (LRRK2) substrate
KS-140 MBP (4-14) Highly selective substrate for protein kinase C (PKC)
SP-030 Phospho glycogen synthase peptide 2  Glycogen synthase kinase 3 (GSK 3) substrate 
KS-150 PKCδ substrate Protein kinase C δ (PKCδ) substrate
SP-050 Rad17 derived peptide ATR kinase substrate
SP-040 RS repeat peptide Dual specificity protein kinase CLK1 substrate
KS-020 SAMS Peptide AMP activated protein kinase (AMPK) substrate
SP-020 Ziptide Zipper interacting protein kinase (ZIPK) substrate
KS-100 [Ala97]-RII (81-99) Protein kinase A (PKA) substrate
KS-090 [Ser159]-PKCε (149-164) Protein kinase C epsilon (PKCε) pseudosubstrate

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