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All products will normally be sent from our offices in Exeter, UK, or Plymouth Meeting, USA.  Orders received before 2pm local time will normally be dispatched the same day.   We currently offer free standard delivery of catalogue products throughout the UK and Europe.  Worldwide and next day delivery can be arranged, please contact us for details. If you have any specific shipping requirements, please let us know when placing an order.  Please note that we can only deliver products to registered business addresses or academic institutions.

Custom products

Delivery of custom ordered products will be discussed at the outset of the project but would normally be expected to commence within two to three weeks of the receipt and acceptance of an order. It must be appreciated that it is not possible to guarantee the success of any particular custom synthesis project but we will endeavour to keep the customer informed at the earliest possible time if this is likely to be the case.

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More information about custom antibody synthesis

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To place an order, or for customer services, order processing or technical support please contact us on:

UK, Europe and RoW
Tel: (+44) 01392 422205Fax: (+44) 01392 279510
[email protected]

USA and Canada

Tel: 610-994-1134

Toll Free: 855-FOCUS21 (855-362-8721)

Fax: 610-465-9100

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Tel : +33 9 77 40 09 09
Fax :  +33 9 77 40 10 11
Orders and customer support : [email protected]

Germany, Switzerland, Austria

BIOZOL Diagnostics 

Tel: +49 (089) 3799 666-6

Fax: +49 (089) 3799 666-99
Orders, Technical and Customer support: [email protected]

Tel: +39 02 35980841
Fax +39 02 359808004
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Spain and Portugal
Abyntek Biopharma
Tel: +34 94 404 80 80

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Tel: +86-15921799099

Tel: +86-021-50724187

Fax: +86-021-50724961

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Biotechno Labs
Tel: +91-8860924629
Orders, Technical and Customer support: [email protected]


Namiki Shoji Co.
email: [email protected]

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