Protein-protein interactions

Protein–protein interactions (PPIs) play a central role in many biological pathways and processes.  While many proteins perform their functions independently, the vast majority interact with others for proper biological activity.  Important protein-protein interactions are found with chaperone proteins, heat shock proteins, microtubules, transcription factors, immune checkpoint proteins and cytokines.  There are currently more than 400,000 known PPIs, and these interactions make up the interactomics of the organism, known as the interacterome.  Aberrant protein-protein interactions are associated with several human diseases, notably those associated with epigenetics, immunology and cancer, and are also are the basis of multiple aggregation-related diseases, such as Creutzfeldt–Jakob and Alzheimer's disease.

Biotin labelled peptides
Cat No. Product Name Activity
PP-010 H10, biotinylated Biotinylated version of anterior gradient 2 (AGR2) binding peptide H10
Cell penetrating peptides
Cat No. Product Name Activity
PP-160 736-745-TAT Inhibits the interaction of TRPV1 and AKAP79
NR-200 aCx26-pep
Cx26 interaction region mimetic
PP-250 A11 ANXA1–EphA2 interaction blocker
PP-220 F1 Blocks the association of IKKbeta and NEMO
PP-470 iSP2 STAP-2 - CD3zeta ITAM interaction blocker
PP-180 Myr-tat-CBD3 Blocks the  CaV2.2–CRMP2 interaction
CP-050 NAF-1 44-67 Targets cancer cell mitochondria and ER
AS-010 NT1–20 Blocks ASIC1a binding to RIPK1
PP-090 P110 Drp1 enzyme inhibitor and blocker of  Drp1/Fis1 interaction
PP-210 p28

Binds to p53 and inhibits cop1 binding 

KS-200 st-Ht31 AKAP-PKA interaction inhibitor
PP-190 T100-Mut Enhances the association of TRPA1 and TRPV1
PP-490 Tat-3L4F 5-HTR2C - PTEN interaction disruptor
PP-130 TAT-AKAP79 (326-336) The key region of AKAP79 for interaction with TRPV1
PP-270 TAT-ANK Dll4-Notch1 inhibitor
PP-200 Tat-beclin 1 Autophagy inducing peptide
PP-140 TAT-CBD3 CRMP2 - CaV2.2 interaction inhibitor
PP-150 TAT-CBD3A6K Optimised variation of CBD3
PP-230 Tat-CIRP MD2 - CIRP interaction blocker
PP-340 Tat-D3S2 DIRAS3 - beclin1 interaction inhibitor
GL-170 TAT-GluR6-9c

GluR6-PSD95 interaction blocker

PP-370 TAT-HuR-HNS3 HuR-PARP1 interaction blocker
PP-040 Tat-βsyn-degron α-Synuclein knockdown peptide
PP-260 Tat-NTS peptide

Blocks the interaction of ANXA1 with importin β

PP-400 TAT-QFNP12 NDRG2 - PPM1A binding blocker
Cat No. Product Name Activity
PP-120 (D)-PPA 1 PD-1/PD-L1 interaction inhibitor
PP-100 Ac2-26

Annexin/lipocortin 1 mimetic

PP-060 Bak BH3

Bak BH3 sequence that binds to Bcl-xL

PP-080 Bid BH3  Fragment of the BH3 domain of BID
PP-070 Bim BH3 BH3 only protein Bim fragment
PP-390 BRC4wt Blocks BRCA2–RAD51 interaction
PP-170 Caveolin-1 scaffolding domain peptide

The binding domain of caveolin-1

PP-510 CD36 peptide Blocks CD36 - thrombospondin1 association
IM-010 CXCL8 (54-72) C-terminal CXCL8 peptide fragment corresponding to the core CXCL8 - glycosaminoglycan (GAG) binding region
IM-020 CXCL8 (54-72) scrambled control Scrambled version of CXCL8 (54-72) for use as a control
IM-015 E70K Inhibits CXCL8-induced neutrophil transendothelial migration
CK-020 HBP08 CXCL12/HMGB1 heterocomplex inhibitor
PP-420 IGFBP-3 peptide Blocks haluronan-CD44 signaling
PP-410 KGYY15 Interacts with CD40
PP-290 KP1 Disrupts TGF-β/TβR2 interaction
PP-030 KSL 128114 Binds the PDZ1 domain of syntenin
AM-185 N-peptide Binds the periplasmic chaperone protein chaperone SurA
PP-240 NFAT Inhibitor

Calcineurin-NFAT interaction inhibitor

PP-300 NP-12 PD-1 - PD-L1 interaction blocker
PP-460 NP1 Inhibits activation of the NF-κB pathway
PP-480 P140 HSPA8/HSC70 chaperone binder
PP-380 PD-L1Pep-2 Binds to PD-L1
PP-350 PDHPS1 YAP signaling pathway inhibitor
PP-430 PDpep1.3 α-Synuclein-CHMP2B interaction disruptor
PP-500 Pep63

EphB2 -  ADDL interaction inhibitor

PP-520 Peptain-1 Molecular chaperone
PP-530 PP1 Inhibits the interaction of Syt11 with vti1a/vti1b
PP-050 PUMA BH3 BH3 domain fragment of PUMA
KS-120 R18  4.3.3 proteins antagonist
PP-310 Rb4 Induces expression of HMGB1 and calreticulin
GH-220 RG33 Apolipoprotein A1 (ApoA-I) mimetic, improves glucose clearance and control 
PP-440 RMR Disrupts PAK1–RUNX3 interaction
PP-330 RS17 CD47 - SIRPα signalling inhibitor
CV-050 SBP1 Binds to the SARS-CoV-2 receptor binding domain
PP-360 SMRwt Disrupts the Nef-mortalin interaction, anti-metastatic
IG-050 Synstatin Syndecan-1 mediated integrin activation inhibitor
PP-450 T2857W KIX–MLL interaction inhibitor
PP-280 TPP-1 Blocks PD-1/PD-L1 interaction
PP-320 VGN50 Blocks MYC activation

Further reading

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