Bring your discoveries out of the laboratory

Isca Bioscience has a long tradition of working with scientists to bring new discoveries out of the laboratory and into the commercial arena. Peptides are our traditional area of expertise but any type of biological probe or other material relating to preclinical research is of interest.

Our Intellectual Property Promise

Isca Bioscience policy is to never knowingly infringe third party intellectual property. It is our intention to remain a responsible and ethical supplier and work with the scientific community. Isca Bioscience have worked in partnership with many scientists in universities and pharmaceutical companies to bring life-science tools to the global research community.

Our Expertise

Our licensing department has significant experience of drafting contracts and has executed licences with a multitude of licensors.  Our existing contracts cover confidentiality and non-disclosure, research, material transfer, licensing and supply agreements. 

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To submit information on a potential licensing candidate or to discuss licensing opportunities please get in touch.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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