Antimicrobial peptides

Cat No. Product Name Activity
AM-330 AMPR-22

Antimicrobial peptide derived from Romo1

AM-160 Bac2A Broad spectrum antimicrobial
AM-280 BING Antimicrobial peptide isolated from Japanese medaka fish
AM-240 BLP-3 Antimicrobial, targets both gram positive and gram negative bacteria
AM-030 BMAP 28 (bovine) Bovine myeloid cathelicidin with activitiy against bacteria and fungi
NA-020 Catestatin (human) Inhibits nicotine induced catecholamine release
AM-170 CATH-2 (chicken) Host defense peptide with strong antimicrobial activities
AM-080 Cecropin A Broad spectrum insect antimicrobial
AM-081 Cecropin B Broad spectrum insect antimicrobial peptide
AM-180 Cys-LL37 The host defence peptide LL 37 with an additional N-terminal cysteine
AM-230 Cys-Pexiganan The broad-spectrum antibacterial pexiganan with an additional N-terminal cysteine
AM-370 D-K6L9 Antimicrobial and anticancer peptide
AM-420 Epinecidin-1 Antimicrobial peptide from orange-spotted grouper
AM-380 Hc-CATH

Cathelicidin from sea snake venom

AM-090 Histatin 3 Antimicrobial peptide found in saliva
AM-091 Histatin 5 Antimicrobial peptide found in saliva
AM-092 Histatin 8 Antimicrobial peptide found in saliva
AM-320 IDR-1002 Innate defence regulator peptide
AM-070 Indolicidin Cathelicidin family antimicrobial peptide
AM-340 KLA peptide Proapoptotic mitochondrial membrane disruptor
AM-005 LL 37 (13–37) (human) Broad spectrum antimicrobial
AM-006 LL 37 (18-37) (human) Broad spectrum antimicrobial
AM-001 LL 37 (human) Host defence peptide derived from the C-terminal of human cathelicidin antimicrobial peptide
AM-002 LL 37 (human) scrambled Scrambled control peptide for LL-37
AM-100 Magainin 1 Broad spectrum antimicrobial 
AM-101 Magainin 2 Broad spectrum antimicrobial
AM-250 Mastoparan

Toxin from wasp venom

AM-260 Mastoparan X Antimicrobial isolated from wasp venom
AM-040 mCRAMP (mouse) Sole murine cathelicidin and homologue of human LL 37
AM-050 Melittin (synthetic) Haemolytic component of honey bee venom
AM-210 Melittin, C-terminal cysteine labelled Synthetic melittin with an extra cysteine residue at the C terminal
AM-360 OP-145 Antimicrobial peptide derived from LL-37
CV-060 P9R Defensin like peptide with potent antiviral activity
AM-290 Pap12-6 Antibacterial derived from the N-terminus of papiliocin 
AM-270 PapRIV Quorum sensing peptide from the Bacillus cereus group
AM-130 Parasin I Broad spectrum antimicrobial 
AM-310 Pexiganan Broad spectrum antibacterial agent
AM-400 PGLa Antimicrobial peptide
AM-111 PR 26 Antimicrobial
AM-110 PR 39 Cathelicidin host defence and immunomodulatory peptide
AM-140 RsAFP2 Antifungal plant defensin isolated from radish seeds
AM-151 RW2 Antimicrobial and antifungal
AM-150 RW3 Antimicrobial and antifungal
AM-152 RW4 Antimicrobial and antifungal
AM-300 SAAP 148 Antimicrobial peptide derived from LL-37
HD-010 SAP15 HDAC5 inhibitor
AB-020 sfTSLP (60 aa peptide) Antimicrobial, the 60 amino acid sequence of the short form of thymic stromal lymphopoietin (sfTSLP)
AB-010 sfTSLP (63 aa peptide) Antimicrobial, the 63 amino acid sequence of the short form of thymic stromal lymphopoietin (sfTSLP)
AM-020 SMAP 29 (sheep) Broad spectrum antimicrobial
AM-410 Thanatin Binds to E. Coli LptA and LptD
IM-030 Tiger17 Potent healer of skin wounds
AM-350 Urumin Antiviral host defense peptide

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