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Isca Biochemicals have state of the art peptide synthesis facilities based in Exeter, UK, and we have long experience of offering high quality custom and catalogue peptides and biochemicals to the worldwide life science community.  Isca routinely synthesises difficult peptides and we can synthesise peptides with a wide and increasing range of amino acid modifications including N-terminal, C-terminal and side-chain modifications, fluorescent labels, D-amino acid and stable-isotope incorporation, biotinylation, glycosylation, post translational modifications, PEGylation and more. 

Standard peptides are routinely provided as free N-terminal amines and C-terminal acids, although N-terminal acetylation and C-terminal amidation can be offered at no extra cost.

Other peptide modifications we offer include:

Alkyne peptides

Biotinylation (as an N-terminal or lysine modification)

Chromogenic and fluorogenic substrates

Conjugation to a range of carrier proteins such as BSA and KLA, suitable for antibody production


Dye labelled peptides

Novel FRET pairs

Peptide cyclisation, either as a cysteine to cysteine disulfide bridge or as head-to-tail or side chain bridge

D-Amino acids – these may be incorporated as individual residues or as complete D-peptides

Farnesylation of cysteine and sulfhydryl functionalities

Fluorescent labelled peptides - employing a range of fluorescent reagents including fluoresceins, rhodamines, coumarins and more

Glycosylation of serine and threonine hydrocarbon stapled peptides

Lipopeptides MAP multiple antigen peptides with a range of functionalities.

Methylation at the N-terminus or the mono- di- or tri-methylation of lysine side chains

Multiple disulfide bridge peptides Myristoylation and addition of fatty acids of various chain length

PEGylation with a wide variety of polyethylene glycol adducts


Phosphorylation of peptides with tyrosine, threonine and serine residues

Stable isotope labelling of peptides with 13C and 15N cold labels (and other isotopes on request)

Sulfation of tyrosine or serine

Peptides are fully characterised with mass spectral and HPLC analyses, with additional analytical data such as amino acid analysis, sequencing, microanalysis and NMR available as required.  We believe that the purity of any peptide supplied by Isca Biochemicals will match or exceed the purity of the product originally reported in the scientific literature.

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