PKCζ (113-125) myristoylated

KS-130-0.5MG 0.5mg 60.00 GBP

Product specification

MW: 1928.2
Purity: >95% by HPLC
Appearance: Freeze dried solid
Formula: C90H154N30O17
Solubility Soluble in dilute acid
Long Term Storage: Store dark, frozen and desiccated

PKCζ (113-125) myristoylated, is a membrane-permeable synthetic peptide inhibitor of atypical protein kinase Cs (calcium, phorbol ester and diacylglycerol insensitive). PKCζ (113-125) myristoylated, Myr-SIYRRGARRWRKLYRAN-OH is a pseudosubstrate  with homology throughout the atypical PKCs and inhibits protein kinase activirty by binding to the substrate binding  pocket of the catalytic domain.

Product Literature References

Zhou et al. J. biol. Chem. (1997) 272: 311390-31137