GH-001-0.1MG 0.1mg 50.00 GBP
GH-001-0.5MG 0.5mg 80.00 GBP
GH-001-1MG 1mg 130.00 GBP

Product specification

MW: 4186.6
Purity: >95% by HPLC
Appearance: Freeze dried solid
Formula: C184H282N50O60S
CAS: 141758-74-9
Solubility Soluble in water (10mg/mL), PBS, dilute acid and DMSO.
Long Term Storage: Store dry, frozen and desiccated

Exendin-4, CAS: 141758-74-9, is a high affinity glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist, isolated from Heloderma suspectum venom. This polypeptide causes an increase in pancreatic acinar cAMP without stimulating amylase release.

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