New substrate peptides available

The use of substrates in enzyme assays is a key approach in biochemistry.  Enzyme assays require identification of suitable substrates, and the sensitivity and specificity of synthetic peptides has made them the substrate of choice in many settings.

Isca Biochemicals are pleased to announce the availability of three new substrate peptides to add to our growing range.

ssK36, or ssK36 (29–43), is a SET-domain containing protein 2 (SETD2) super substrate.  SETD2, also called KMT3A, was first identified as huntingtin interacting protein 1 (HYPB, HIP-1) and can add up to three methyl groups to K36 of histone H39 (H3K36).  ssK36 (29-43 has been derived from the currently used SETD2 substrate peptide H3K36 (29-43) but is methylated about 290-fold faster, making it a super substrate.  

pFYN peptide is a phosphorylated peptide substrate derived from FYN, a member of the Src family of kinases.  pFyn peptide can be used in an AlphaLISA assay for the the identification and optimization of allosteric STEP (striatal-enriched protein tyrosine phosphatase) ligands.  STEP is a critical regulator of glutamatergic synapse function and neuronal survival, acting on targets directly involved in regulation of synaptic plasticity such as the NMDA and AMPA receptors, as well as targets regulating these receptors, such as ERK1/2, p38, FYN, and PYK2.  

RS repeat peptide is a peptide substrate for the dual specificity protein kinase CLK1.  RS repeat peptide can also be used as a substrate in assays for eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2-alpha kinase 1 (EIF2AK) and serine/arginine rich protein specific kinase (SRPK).

These peptides are valuable substrates to help identify enzyme inhibitors, characterize molecular mechanisms of action and evaluate the selectivity of potential drugs for these targets.

Isca Biochemicals offers a range of additional substrate peptides for various enzymes.  Place an order for any of them before the end of December and receive a 10% discount (please quote SP1220 when placing your order)

Posted: 03 November 2020

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New substrate peptides available

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